Lidlum Sport

For All Your Complicated Needs

Lidlum Sport is the first intelligent lighting designed specifically for broadcasting sports events in high definition (HD). The LEDs of the lighting are connected to a central computer system that can detect and prevent potential problems, as well as manage factors that could affect the system, such as heat and power consumption. Moreover, it is reliable, safe, and easy to use. Lidlum’s multidisciplinary, experienced team includes professionals, some of whom have collaborated with Daktronics Canada or OMEGA Timing in the past. Lidlum is equipped, as much in the field of LEDs as in the sports sector, to offer its clients a specialized service as well as a superior product.

HD Products That Meet the Criteria of Broadcasters

The desire to create a product that meets the new realities of broadcasters, who are now offering their services in high definition, as well as the constant obsession to develop their technology to the benefit of users, were important catalysts in the creation of this lighting system.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

A considerable energy saving

Worried about the carbon footprint during its development, Lidlum Sport is designed from recyclable materials and consumes 65% less electricity than lighting systems normally used. This is a product that is part of the main environmental program standards (ISO 14001, LEED EB, and ICI ON RECYCLE! EA, GES, MR, ÉnerCible, WEEE).

Why choose Lidlum Sport for your facility?

  • Flexibility of use;
  • Robustness, accuracy, and reliability;
  • Versatile and environmentally friendly;
  • Designed for broadcasting sports events.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs;
Lidlum Sport, a return on investment that pays
  • Reduces electricity consumption by 65%;
  • Reduces the cost of cooling buildings;
  • Falls within the framework of environmental standards and programs;
  • LED lifespan: more than 54,000 hours at 100% intensity (according to the TM­21 directive of the IES);
  • Consumes 700 Watts compared with about 1,540 Watts for HID-equivalent lighting;
  • Dissipates 460 Watts in the form of heat compared with 900 Watts for HID-equivalent lighting;
  • No modulation in all current ranges (constant current);
  • 110 VAC to 240 VAC power supply;
  • Prevents deterioration of adjacent equipment by ultraviolet rays;
  • Eliminates the risk of burns;
  • Factory-calibrated colour temperature of 5,600 K, white, full spectrum;
  • Colour temperature of 4,700 K to 6,200 K which may be adjusted by the user, to the nearest 1 K;
  • Four preset intensity levels (off, 33%, 66% and 100%);
  • Control mode, DMX 512 protocol, proprietary control system, Ethernet Port;
  • Connection protected against abnormal use;
  • On/off cycle allows strobe effect;
  • Self-diagnostic function of the system and alerts;
  • Choice of lenses available to meet the specific needs of light distribution;
  • Red, green, blue, white, or amber modules available;
  • Custom and on-demand programming;
  • Several parameter settings are stored in flash memory;
  • Made partly from recycled materials, leaves a low carbon footprint;
  • Possibility of refurbishment at the end of the lifespan;
  • Decrease in consumption of raw materials;
  • LED and other components easily replaceable.

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