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Originally specializing in manufacturing LED lights (light emitting diodes) for the horticultural sector, Lidlum uses scientific advances in favour of sustainable and intelligent use of LED technology. Today, with reliable, intelligent and environmentally friendly products, Lidlum stands at the forefront of a market on the lookout for this new technology that is revolutionizing the field of lighting.

Lidlum works with several other associates who supply their knowledge in order to offer a high quality product as well as professional customer service.

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Lidlum Sport is a professional HD product primarily intended for illuminating large spaces such as amphitheatres, stadiums, and indoor recreational sports facilities.

Whether your industrial need is modest or gigantic, know that our teams adapt to all sizes of industrial-type lighting challenges in order to satisfy both users, plant managers and their management. In addition, we have the skills to support our clients in terms of health and safety and union constraints in force for your industry. Our goal is that lighting is never an issue for you and your teams.

Our capacity from a design point of view allows us to successfully undertake any challenge involving advanced architectural constraints.

Lidlum Agro is the first lighting product designed according to the specific needs of agricultural and horticultural facilities.

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