Lidlum, sustainable LED lighting for your facilities


Whether it’s lighting for sports, horticultural or even industrial facilities, you can optimize the lighting in your facilities with Lidlum’s revolutionizing, cost-effective LED systems.

Lidlum, a division of LED Innovation Design, has created a range of reliable, intelligent and environmentally friendly products. This cutting-edge company stands at the forefront of a market on the lookout for new technology that will certainly revolutionize the field of lighting.


  • 130911_a56gu_automne_feuille_arbre_sn635

    This fall will be hot for LIDLUM

    We can’t yet share our secrets but make sure to read our news over the next few months!  However, we…

  • Lidlum-2500_REV

    The first Lidlum™ Sport 2500 Series on-site test meets a resounding success!

    Led Innovation Design is proud to announce that the first Lidlum™ 2500 Series Sport light’s on-site test was a resounding success.…

  • Collegiate-LED-Lighting

    GAME ON reiterates its trust in Led Innovation Design

    There is no other best trust mark in the trade industry than repeat businesses from a customer who is so…